About UNC Project-Uganda

In 2004, a group of UNC physicians established the Amal Murarka International Pediatric Health Foundation in memory of their colleague, Dr. Amal Murarka, who died unexpectedly in 2003. The foundation sent a medical team to Kampala to establish the country's first pediatric intensive care unit at Mulago Hospital, Makerere University, where Dr. Murarka had previously conducted research. Subsequent work in 2007 and 2008 focused on pediatric cardiac surgery. The foundation not only built a cardiac ICU, but also performed a total of 21 life-saving pediatric cardiac surgeries.

In 2008 the foundation partnered with the Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases to establish UNC Project-Uganda.


The UNC Project-Uganda was established to support sustainable delivery of compassionate and competent health care to infants, children, and adolescents in Uganda; to improve the medical knowledge of the Ugandan health care workforce through in-country training and a physician exchange program; and to provide advanced medical equipment, medications, and services necessary for the delivery of compassionate and competent pediatric care in Uganda.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

UNC Project Uganda has Landed in Kampala for their annual medical mission.

A team of 19 healthcare professionals left RDU on Saturdy April 9 and arrived in Kampala on Monday morning. We set up 3 main areas that we will focus on this 2 week mission. Peds Acute is the area similar to our Pediatric Emergency Dept. Last 12 hrs they saw 55 children and 50 were admitted to the Pediatric Wards this am. Dr Donna Sutherland is leading our efforts to serve, learn, and teach our Ugandan counterparts.  The Pediatric ICU that we established in 2005 with 6 beds is our second focus for this mission. Dr Jenny Boyd along with 6 PICU nurses from UNC are tackling that specialized area. Already this morning a small child with severe respiratory failure arrived and is being resuscitated and kept alive on BIPAP, a new non invasive form of respirtory support for the Ugandans. Finally, Dr Tim Weiner, pediatric surgeon is establishing our partnership with the Ugandans and will be operating this week. More to come. We are all doing well. One lost bag, but 1 ton of luggage, equipment, meds, and supplies has arrived. Communications are very spotty now but we are establishing those as we speak.

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Tina Willis said...

Love you guys! We are all thinking of you and the children and families you are helping.